Win a beautiful ISAK landsby breadboard from Cloudberry Living

The good people of Cloudberry Living have kindly donated this beautiful breadboard from top Scandinavian design brand ISAK to a reader of Scandilicious.

All you have to do is like and leave a comment over on my spankingly fresh Facebook page. Competition ends on Thursday 22nd April (just in time for Easter) and the winner will be picked at random. Available to UK residents only.

Good luck!

Sig x


Len Deighton on Danish Smørrebrød

Len Deighton's Action Cookbook (Trinity Travel Ltd 1965)

I have that grizzly, bearded rascal Tim Hayward to thank for introducing me to the joys of Len Deighton. They don’t make food writers like Deighton anymore (well they don’t really make food writers like Tim Hayward anymore either).

Deighton wrote bestselling thrillers such as The Ipcress File and then turned his hand to writing utterly brilliant cook-strips for The Observer. I’d love to see some comic food genius revive the cook-strip, why not? Who doesn’t love good illustration? As a child who grew up on a comic-literary diet of Asterix, The Peanuts and Lucky Luke I have to admit as an adult I miss reading good comics. It’s bizarrely frowned upon in Anglo-Saxon countries.

Anyway, Leighton is a salt of the earth kinda man, one who loves guns and gastronomy. He is also just plain funny. The perfect writer to wax lyrical about Brains in Black Butter (p.73), Beignets (p. 114) and Milk Pudding de Luxe (p. 124). But of course what caught my eye was his wonderful strip on Danish smørrebrød which you can see below:

The Secret to Danish Smørrebrød: remember the butter


Norwegian sour cream and vanilla waffles with orange marmalade and cinnamon

Norwegian sour cream and vanilla waffles

Waffles, who can resist them?

I’m not talking about those faux “Belgian” varieties you get deep-frozen at Iceland but the homemade, sweet, buttery waffles with a hint of tartness from the addition of sour cream every Norwegian grows up with.

My grandmother, always primed for unexpected visitors, habitually kept a bowl with sour cream and vanilla waffle batter in the fridge. Invariably a neighbour or long lost relative from Minnesota would turn up (I’m not kidding, it seems we have millions of relatives in Minnesota, the Dakotas, Colorado, Wyoming, Alaska…) and no one could resist Granny Johansen’s sour cream and vanilla waffles.

This was of course in the halcyon days before The Atkins diet and carbophobia set in, visitors now would probably turn to jelly at the sight of such wholesome carb goodness, or have the audacity to ask if quinoa and amaranth waffles were available, with a topping of alfalfa sprouts and broccoli for good measure. Fascists. Killjoys!

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A whisper of spring…three new Davidstow cheddar recipes

Ham & Davidstow Crackler cheddar filo bites with Savora mustard and tomato

You know you’re at a great wedding when the groom decrees all the guests have big slabs of cheese awaiting them after the church service. One of my best friends from university got married in Oxford over the weekend and not only did this ardent caseophile demand the inclusion of cheese at his wedding reception, but a few bowls of Haribo for good measure.

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Menu for Scandinavian Cookery Class at Books For Cooks 18th March

Image courtesy of Saltyard Books

If you’re kicking about Notting Hill next Friday I’ll be teaching a Scandinavian cookery class at Books For Cooks and thought I’d share the menu here to tempt you along for a couple of hours in this lovely shop.

As there’s a whisper of spring in the air I’ll be featuring some classic and some contemporary Scandinavian dishes to celebrate the segue from winter to spring, hopefully showing you why Scandinavian food is so much more than herrings and meatballs!

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Secrets of Scandinavian Cooking advance copies have arrived!

Hot off the press!

A pinch of a blog post to wish you a happy Lent and to share this little pic of advance copies of Secrets of Scandinavian Cooking: Scandilicious which just arrived!

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Quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie

The perfect chocolate chip cookie?

A really good chewy American chocolate chip cookie is hard to come by here. You find approximations of them in supermarkets, but they’re so loaded with sugar and preservatives that the temporary satisfaction of biting into something toothsome is mitigated by the knowledge that essentially you’re paying for sugary preservative-laden-industrially-processed-confection. I have similar beef with doughnuts in this country but shall leave that little rant for another day.

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